How do bloggers make money?

How do Bloggers make money

How do bloggers make money?

Know this is the burning question and one that I couldn’t understand myself.  My mum watches the news a lot, and every so often there will be a story about someone making thousands from their blog, and she is always asking me how do they make money.

To put it simply, bloggers who have a significant amount of visitor coming to their blogs recommend products and services for companies.  Think of a blog like a magazine or newspaper who sells advertising space or write articles or video posts that promote a product or service for a fee.  A visitor who admires the bloggers’ recommendation is likely to buy what is on offer and that is how they make money.

Those that want to go one step further sell their own products or services, like seminars, courses, books, planners, swipefiles, etc.  You can do 1 or the other but to really maximise your blog I recommend doing both.  If you can write a blog, you can create a product or service to sell.

The Two Types of Income

Blogging income all falls into two types of categories.  Passive income that requires little to no maintenance and personal involvement that requires high maintenance.

Residual Income from Blogging
Passive Income

This is really the most ideal type of revenue because it can provide you and your family with financial freedom. This is also known as recurring passive income streams that you can enjoy. This type of income happens without your personal involvement. This isn’t straightforward, and there is a misconception that this passive.

Meaning that you can earn money without exchanging time for money. Some examples would include Google Adsense (or any paid for clicks campaign), membership sites, selling advertisement space, affiliate marketing sales, and even digital product sales.

If you can get paid for something while you are sleeping and it doesn’t require you to exchange future time for money, then you have a low maintenance passive income stream.

Personal Income

Once you have some authority, you can trade your time for money, how far you can take your blog into a profitable business. The idea behind this type of income is that if a service involves your personal time, it should cost more. After all, your time should be valuable to you, right?

If you offer a personal consultation as a service, you should charge what your personal time is worth to you and covers your expenses. Some examples of personal involvement would be workshops, 1 and 1 coaching, webinars, groups, classroom-based teaching, keynote speaking, etc.

You do not have to charge as much for a webinar with 100 participants because it’s a virtual meetup, unlike a personal consultation. However, you would charge even more for live speaking events.

The best way

The ideal strategy would be to set up low maintenance passive income streams that cover your bills and expenses so that you can spend your time at higher income events that require your personal involvement. To be honest, each has their benefits.

Passive income streams allow you to enjoy the freedom to use your time how you choose. Personal involvement income ideas enable you to interact with others, build your influence and make a difference.

Proof it works

Here are some Examples of bloggers incomes and where they have made their money.

Example 1

Monthly income for Report from

Income breakdown

  • Freelance Writing: £1,150.00
  • Sponsored content: £1,250.00
  • Affiliate Window: £264.92
  • eBay Associates: £37.29
  • Google AdSense: £91.90
  • Media.Net: £92.54
  • TV & Radio: £250.00

Total income: £3,136.65


  • MailChimp: £34.30
  • MAXCDN: £28.14
  • Upwork: £24.22
  • SumoMe (List Builder): £14.06
  • Facebook Advertising: £11.00
  • Clear Books: £10.80
  • PicMonkey: £3.36

Total expenses: £125.88

Total income minus expenses: £3,010.77

Example 2

Monthly income report is from

Income breakdown

  • AdThrive: $14,311.27
  • Sponsored Content: $11,750
  • Show Me the Yummy Video $19,360
  • Amazon Associates: $432.70
  • Swoop: $443.33
  • YouTube: $69.89

Total income: $46,367.19


  • Equipment: $704.87
  • Stripe Fees: $561.44
  • Workshop Expenses $200
  • Plugins: $108
  • Synthesis Hosting: $132.33
  • Audio Jungle: $200.00
  • Active Campaign: $70.00
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: $54.79
  • Cloudflare: $20.00
  • Tailwind: $11.00
  • Capture One: $10.00
  • Google Apps: $8.33
  • VaultPress: $5.00

Total Expense: $2,185.76

Total income minus expenses: $44,181.43

As you can see from the examples that the earning potential is incredible.  In example 1 they are earning £486.65 from passive income and £2,650 from personal income per month.  Whereas in example 2 they are making $15,257.19 from passive income and $31,110 from personal income per month.


81% of blogs never even make £100, that’s a huge number but its the sad truth.  Again, this is why this workbook is so important. 

Don’t be a statistic.

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This powerful workbook will transform your earning potential!

I highly recommend this book if you are new to blogging or are not happy with the earnings that you are making form your blog.  This book comes in Paperback or dynamic editable PDF format that allows you to complete the workbook online.


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