What do blogs look like?

So what do blogs look like?

A blog can be mistaken for a regular website, and regular websites sometimes have a page specifically for blogging.  Some blogs have the word blog in the title while others don’t.  I have called my blog many names in the past, on a regular website I have called it news, updates, etc.

As stated previously, a blog is a place to express yourself, think of them like online magazines where you are the editor and the writer.  Blogs are a collection of articles/information/opinions based on a niche/topic. There are millions of blogs on the web, and people are always searching for information.

Blogs are a great way of answering those questions, and if you have responded to the question well, you can make a living out of selling products and services to your readers/subscribers.  When you are attracting a high number of visitors, then you will start attracting companies that will pay a fortune to advertise on your blog.     

Here are some examples of what blogs look like:


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