Choosing Your Blogs Fonts

Choosing Your Fonts

Choosing the right font is crucial for portraying the mood, personality and general message of your blog to the public.

The first rule of choosing fonts is that your font shouldn’t clash with your branding or image. For example, if you are targeting barristers then writing in a child font wouldn’t be suitable for your target audience.

Remember, that certain fonts will fit your brand and your target audience better than others. Scripts are lovely and romantic, but not ideal for a business with a hip, modern edge. If you’re going to use colour for your headings and highlights, match them to the colours in your logo.

ALWAYS keep your intended audience in mind, as well. An older audience will likely prefer more traditional typefaces and larger font size while particular younger audiences will like the visual effect of newer, decorative fonts.


Make it legible. Curly lettering looks beautiful, but it can also make your content impossible to read, They are perfect for headers but not for the main body of your content. Just like decorative scripts are often difficult to read, and thus, you’re better off avoiding them.

Your most basic and popular typeface options are Serif (referring to typefaces that use little, decorative lines to finish each letter stroke) and Sans Serif (referring to a typeface that doesn’t have those little lines). Sans Serif fonts tend to offer the most clarity for web content, whereas Serif is preferable in print.


Remember that a lot of people will look at your web content from a mobile device. Be sure your font is large enough to be visible on a phone screen. A good rule of thumb is to never use font under size 12 (I personally prefer 14 or 16). Just remember, that sizes vary depending on your typeface. Some styles have smaller or larger letters than others so play around with the font size a little.

Font Colour

Make sure there is enough contrast between the colour of your font and your background. Unless the backdrop is very dark, light colours are difficult to read on light backgrounds and should be avoided. Again this will depend on your audience because children like bright colours whereas Adults tend to like harmony.


The spacing between letters is key to having a legible font. Try to avoid typefaces that scrunch letters together. Even with well-spaced font options, this can happen if you bold it or use all caps. When faced with the ability to place/space letters individually, be sure that spacing is even and wide enough to be legible. Also, the spacing between words should be wider than the space between letters in a word.

Mixing fonts

When it comes to mixing fonts, things can get a bit complicated. In general, try to find complimentary typefaces that aren’t overly similar. Changing sizes and spacing can help separate your different typefaces, as can creating clearly segmented spaces for each text section that uses a new font. Learn the basic rules of mixing fonts here.

Where to find fonts

The best place to find fonts for your Blog is Google Fonts that can be used directly on your website and downloaded to use in your printed material. This means that there will be a continuity in your brand.

Take a look for yourself there are lots of fonts to choose from

You can download the fonts and add them to your computer, and you will be able to allocate Google fonts to your website so that you are using the same fonts everywhere.

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