Designing Your Logo

Designing Your Logo

What is a Logo?

A logo is a visual representation of your brand message, it is actually known in the industry as a trademark. It’s the visual symbol that your customers recognise as your business. Take the challenge below, all you see are symbols and words but you will know at least 80 percent of the companies.

As you can see the logos also embody everything that we have talked about in this book, they are a true representation of your brand. Look at the logos again and think about how they make you feel?, What age group are they talking too?, Type of customer they are attracting?, Wealth of their target audience?, Lifestyle? etc.

They achieved this knowledge of the brand not through the design but through the message that they send through their adverts, news, images, website, contact, office style, employees, etc. so that when we see the logo the feelings come back to us.

You know when you see the BMW logo it represents an expensive luxury car brand, NIKE is sportswear brand, McDonald’s is fast food brand, etc. But the logo actually doesn’t tell you anything about the business its just a picture. Think of your logo as an empty vessel and you pour the meaning into it until it becomes your trademark.

You can create any image you want for your logo and then you must build recognition by enforcing your mission statement through your words, marketing, emotions, etc. until the image you have chosen is recognised as being attached to your business.

What makes a truly great logo?

Keeping it Simple

Logo Design should be simple don’t make it too intricate. Use the KISS principle.

Wikipedia says: “The KISS principle (acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”) states that design simplicity should be a key goal and unnecessary complexity avoided. It serves as a useful principle in a wide array of disciplines, such as software development, animation, journalism, photography, engineering, and strategic planning.”

Keep the number of shapes, lines and other design elements at a minimum to make the logo as clear and clean as possible.

Make it Memorable

Your Logo needs to memorable so when a person sees your logo at a glance they subliminally remember your brand. It builds up recognition and trust the more a person sees your logo the more it becomes credible.

A great way to find out if your logo is memorable is to test peoples reactions. Show your logo to them for 10 seconds, hid the logo and then ask them to draw what they saw. If it looks like your logo then you logo will be memorable.

Make it timeless

Like fashion, logos can look out of date. It would be great if you could design a logo that is timeless. However, if you can you need to ensure that you adapt your logo over time to keep it modern.

A great example is the evolution of Apples logo.

Make it versatile

Your logo needs to be able to go on black and white background, scalable so that it looks great big and small, if it has words are they easy to read when reduced in size, is the logo adaptable to various products, for example a pen, mug, t-shirt, umbrella for example. Your logo should come in many different sizes and formats to make it versatile.

Keep it appropriate

Your logo should be suitable for your niche. You will need to look at your competitors and influencers to get a good idea of the types of logos that are being used. Think of words and images that you like that embody your niche.

There are three types of Logo’s


Which are made up of letters. My logo is a wordmark, and they tend to be the easiest to create. I did have an issue however with the words “Your Blogging Mentor” it would lose its clarity when reduced in size. The colour I picked previously looked good on a white background, but you couldn’t see it on darker backgrounds. It took a while for me to perfect the logo.

Advantages of Wordmarks

• Simplicity
• Adaptability
• Non-representational
• Name Recognition


Are images, shapes and symbols. These logos can easily be made eye-catching and attractive, allowing for an intriguing representation of the business.

Such logos are commonly applied across various industries with a high level of success. In the clothing industry, companies like Ralph Lauren Polo have iconic logos that are present on every garment. For technology, companies like Apple, Android, and Windows have pictorial mark logos that are instantly recognisable. Still, other companies, like Nike in sportswear and Mercedes in the automotive market, have iconic symbols that define their brand.

Advantages of Pictorial Marks

• Promotes Brand Culture
• Tangible
• Humanlike Potential

Combination Marks

These logos are quite simply a combination or words and images. A combination logo is an excellent choice for a start-up company or small business to build brand recognition because a combination logo is both visually persuasive and explanatory.

Advantages of Combination Marks

• Clarity
• Original
• Integrated or separated

How to Design your Logo

You can create a logo quite easily with the right tools. I use Adobe Illustrator for my logos, but for a novice, it’s quite complicated and expensive for just a logo. There are many tools online that you can use to create logos.

Use google and search: tools to create logos

Play around with words, fonts, vectors, etc.


Alternatively, for $5, can be less or more depending on your currency conversion. You can get a professional to come up with a few ideas that you can choose from. Take a look around, see who is designing logos that have the right feel for your brand. Go through their portfolio of work, read their reviews and make sure that they can design what you have in mind.

You have to write an explanation of what you’re looking for, examples of logos that you like and details about your target audience.

Make sure that you read the small print and reviews before ordering your new logo. It’s as simple as that.

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