Find Your High Value Objective

Know your High-Value Objective (HVO) from the start

Now I want you to take one of your objectives that you wrote in your core purpose or think of a high-value service or product that is the one that will help you to achieve your dreams on your motivation board. This is the objective that you are really working towards that will really push you or challenge you to achieve.

Having the idea ready from the start makes things a lot clearer and exciting for yourself and your readers. you will have a clear progression for your blog.

What the hell are you talking about?

Your high-value objective is your highest value product or service that you want your readers to buy from you.

Examples of your high-value objective could be:-

  • 1 to 1 Consultations/Coaching/Mentoring – Once you have established yourself as an expert, sessions with you are always sought after because everyone knows your time is limited. Some customers will want to fast track their learning by paying for private 1-2-1 sessions. I know of coaches who charge hundreds to tens of thousands to spend a few days with them.
  • Training Courses/workshops can create a lucrative income and again can range from a few pounds to thousands of pounds. I went to a seminar and bought a 3-day training course for £1500 at the organisers home. There was 10 of us, so that’s £15,000 for 3 days work and if he did 2 classes a week for 20 weeks, that’s £600,000 a year. Another model is to create an online course where you charge a monthly price and each month you reveal a new part of the course. I joined one where I was paying £47 per month for a 12-month course. Now that could mean you have 1,000 people around the world signed up to this course which means that you are bringing in £47,000 per month which is £564,000 per year for a product you created once.
  • Groups are another great way of creating a high-value objective, you create a group culture where you have 3 – 1000 people all paying to be a part of your group. You can have regular meetings like networking groups where you can share ideas, hold seminars, telephone hangouts, etc. A great example is Mastermind groups that charge anything from a couple of hundred to thousands to become members or networking groups, virtual groups that need to pay to become members, etc.
  • Software that you design especially if it’s online that people can pay a monthly fee to use has the potential to make you millions. There is so much software that I sign up to that I pay monthly, like traffic building software. I also pay for my plugins and themes for my website. It’s similar to the training courses, but you tend to find popular software has hundreds of thousands of users registered. You don’t have to think of something new just tweak is so that its better.
  • License your ideas, teach others to do what you do for a price and then receive income from them every time they hold an event, sell your product or service which you help them to promote.
  • Retreats/Experiences – can sell anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to tens of thousands. I went on a retreat where there were 20 people all paying £10k each, and we stayed in a resort that cost about £300 including flight and transfers. We stayed in a hotel with 1000 other guests which in my opinion was shocking for the amount of money they charged, but everyone on the retreat felt like it was worth it because they got to spend 1 to 1 time with the organiser who had invited some powerful guest speakers for the week.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. It’s important to have an idea of where you want to go with your blog long term so that you can reach your goals that you defined earlier.

At this stage, you just need to have this aim in mind. Once your blog is established, and you have set up yourself as an influencer you can create and introduce your high-value product or service.

It takes hard work and dedication and if you take this time to complete this book you too can achieve your dreams.

Knowing what is making your influencers successful gives you an idea of how much the market in your niche is willing to spend and a general idea of what they want. If it’s not making them money, they wouldn’t be selling it.

I really like Tony Robbins he holds, for example, a 3.5-day event where the minimum ticket is $795, and the maximum is £2995, and the area can seat 18,000 people. From the pictures, he doesn’t use the whole arena, so let’s say he wants 15,000 in attendance. Let’s do the maths 15000 people will be paying at least $795 = $11,925,000 MINIMUM FOR THREE DAYS WORK!.. WOW $12m

He really does fill a room… He is a regular guy that became an influencer and so can you!

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