Is Your Blog Unique?

Is Your Blog Unique?

It’s important to stand out from the crowd, you don’t have to do something different you need to be unique. What’s great is that we have already done all the groundwork. You have established your niche, and you now know your ideal customer personally, your core purpose, objectives, etc. Everything that you write, say or do will resonate with them.

For example, if your customer profile is a woman in their late 50’s who has recently gone through a divorce, they have sold their home to split their assets and is anxious about starting a new beginning, and your niche is a travel blog about luxury hot spots around the world. You could make it unique by finding a location and writing all about how refreshing it is to get away, how relaxing it is to spend time on a luxury holiday, pampered to perfection, a private place to let out your emotions, gather your thoughts and plan your next stage in life.

You could really sell the dream, you could even create a product where you offer a retreat where like-minded women gather together, recruit a coach to speak to them, uplift them, offer yoga sessions, massages, facials, entertainment, etc. Bundle it all together and sell it as a package.

As you can see it’s no longer just a general travel blog it’s become unique to your target audience.

About You

“About You” is the other ingredient that makes your blog unique and is an important part of your blog. It’s what you need to be able to express in order for you to be able to spark that interest in your audience. People want to know about you, not just the blog side they want to know your history, how you got to where you are, be a part of your life. They want to hear your stories and see pictures or videos so that they can really connect with you.

On shows like X-factor they show parts of the contestants lives so that the viewing audience can get to know them, you will often hear that they are not connecting with the audience even though they are incredibly talented. This will be the same for you unless you have an About You page where you be vulnerable and let your audience in about your journey and when blogging you can include your own experiences. People are naturally nosey and fascinated by peoples success and but more with their failures.

You will need to look at:-


We have already looked at your motivation so when writing talk about your motivation for starting the blog, tell them about yourself and your journey, share your highs and lows.


You then need to write about what you stand for, your truths that are the foundation of what you believe and what you write about. Be opinionated right or wrong, if you find out you were wrong, admit that you were wrong, you will gain a lot more respect.


This is where you can write some similarities with your customers from the profiles that you created earlier, talk about your hobbies, movies, books, family, aspirations, etc.


What can you offer that is different than your competitors, what can you improve on, remove, simplify, change, etc. A great way is analysing your customers and look to see what they are missing or approach the same goal from a different angle.

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