The Visual Element

Great, you’re interested in blogging, this is a fantastic place to start.  There are few articles below that will introduce to the wonderful world of blogging, what they look like and why branding is important to identify from the start.

Naming Your Blog

Naming anything is one of the biggest tasks we have to undertake, whether it’s your children, your car, your partner, lol because once you name anything, that becomes the future of that person or thing.  The same is important for naming your blog.  Once you name it, it becomes...

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Designing Your Logo

Designing Your Logo What is a Logo? A logo is a visual representation of your brand message, it is actually known in the industry as a trademark. It’s the visual symbol that your customers recognise as your business. Take the challenge below, all you see are symbols and words...

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This powerful workbook will transform your earning potential!

I highly recommend this book if you are new to blogging or are not happy with the earnings that you are making form your blog.  This book comes in Paperback or editable PDF format that allows you to complete the workbook online.


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