What is Your Key Personality?

What is Your Key Personality?

You think okay Tatty now you want me to say what my key personalities are and you probably thinking that this is long and that you are ready to get started making money, I know I also hate going through the planning stage, but just like I told myself I am telling you too. This is important, and you need all this information, but once you have done it, its done and your blog will be prosperous and successful.

You’ve done well to get this far, and we are almost there.

So, now I need you to think of your key personality, you are probably thinking, Urgh! That like trying to find a diamond in an ocean, you would be almost right.  It is important to know what is your key personality to understand how you are perceived and how to relate to your readers.

The key to identifying your key personality is the word OCEAN also known as the big 5:

Openness – How flexible are you? Open to experiences and can handle change well, very imaginative, intellectual, creative leaders, handle ambiguity very well and extremely adaptable.

Conscientiousness – How responsible are you? Very organised, dependable, try to get everything right, drive & discipline, like to learn, good knowledge, great at getting things done, high achievers and greater longevity.

Extraversion – Are you outgoing? Talkative, sociable, loud, interact well with others, outgoing and great leaders, and have happiness. Excel in teaching and speaking.

Agreeableness – How well do you work with others? Tolerant and cooperative with others. Good team members, better liked, high performance and more compliant and conforming.

Neuroticism – How will you handle stress? Sensitive to negative emotions, calmer, positive thoughts, higher job and life satisfaction, healthier, good decision making and better attendance.

We all have these personalities to some degree, we are interested in your most dominant personality. Which one shines out from the rest.

So now that we have an understanding of the O.C.E.A.N. take 5 minutes to ponder over the different traits.

Which one do you think is your most dominant trait and you can only pick one?

Well.. I know what I’m not and its definitely not Neuroticism, nor agreeableness. I’m an extrovert to some degree, but I am also very shy and introverted, I know right a walking contradiction. I’m torn between Openness and Conscientiousness. I refer to myself as a Geek, so I think I’m going to go with my key personality as Conscientiousness.

When it comes to your blog, understanding your key personality will help you to relate to your audience.  Just like birds of a feather stick together you need to maintain your key personality because that is who you are don’t try to be another person because your audience will see through it.

Take a look at the definitions again and think about your blog and your readers.  By knowing your key personality You will be able to define the tone of your writing, your values, mission statement, the visual element of your branding such as your logo and colours etc. to meet your personality which will make it easier for your audience to relate to you.

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