What is Your Motivation?

What is Your Motivation?

Before we start delving into defining your brand, we really need to identify your motivation.

Your success is determined by the goals that you set for yourself.  You need to know your WHY?  Why are you blogging? what do you want in life? What does success feel like? etc. If you don’t achieve your goals then won’t see your success and quite frankly you won’t be successful.

“Remember that the only person stopping you from achieving your aims and goals is you..”

Why are you here reading this? I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and you are reading this for a reason…. You have a motivation that you want to explore.

My motivation is that I have an Eco house that I dream about that I want to build. It’s no ordinary house, and I need a significant amount of money to buy the land that I need and the equipment and manpower to build my dream home. And enough money that I can live there stress-free, my own safe haven.

It wasn’t until I started a Vision Board I didn’t understand how to achieve my motivation. Money is temporary, it comes and goes and sharing your knowledge can get boring. We need to have smaller targets that push us but are achievable.

A vision board is a way of displaying what you want that you can see on a regular basis so that you know what you are working towards. I created mine and had it as my lock screen on my mobile phone, some people have it hanging in their bedroom, the first thing that they see when they wake up, in the bathroom that they can look at while taking a dump, etc. It needs to be where you can always see it and remind yourself why you are blogging.

Vision boards actually work, and every year you should update your boards as you start achieving your dreams. You will also need to set realistic but achievable targets, not like the ones they give you at work which is demotivating.  Every year you need to set a weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual financial or traffic target to reach that will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

For example one of my motivations is to build my dream home, and I will need about 1 million pounds, and I estimate that it will take me about  3 years to reach my ultimate goal.  So in my first year, my saving target is £250,000, in my 2nd year is £500,000 and in my third year, my target is £1,000,000.

Then you need to break down the first year into quarterly targets then monthly, weekly and daily.

It’s very important that every time you make progress by achieving a target you celebrate it and reward yourself.  Keep a record of your overall progress so that you can see that your hard work is paying off.  Remember how it felt when reached targets in the past.  Motivation comes from within and to stay driven you to need to have little successes often.

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