What Products/Services to Sell?

What Products/Services to Sell?

There are a number of digital products and services that you could offer that cover almost all niches.  Below is a list of products for you to consider for your product funnel:-


  • membership-based online course
  • Workshops
  • Classroom-based training
  • Bootcamps
  • subscription-based website/library
  • email course/series or mini-course
  • worksheets/workbooks
  • forms
  • checklists
  • action plans
  • guides
  • e-books
  • books
  • online challenge
  • podcasts
  • recorded video tutorials/ training
  • live video workshops/webinars
  • online community groups (like Facebook)
  • reference charts/cheat sheets
  • maps/diagrams


  • quizzes
  • Tests
  • desktop/phone backgrounds
  • printable journal/writing prompts
  • printable wall art
  • printable wall or desk calendars
  • printable greeting cards/invitations
  • printable tags/labels/stickers
  • printable planners/organizers/lists
  • printable party decor/signage
  • printable games
  • printable colouring pages
  • printable wedding stationery
  • printable wedding decor/signage
  • printable scrapbook papers/elements


  • spreadsheets/Excel templates
  • branding collateral templates (notecards, business cards, letterhead, etc.)
  • social media graphic templates
  • document/resume templates
  • craft patterns (origami, paper crafts, etc.)
  • sewing patterns (knitting, crochet, etc.)
  • copywriting templates
  • email scripts
  • swipe files
  • blog/website template or wireframe


  • music files/audio clips/sound bites
  • video clips/graphics/animation
  • blog/web graphics
  • infographics
  • icons/clip art
  • illustrations/vector graphics
  • patterns/textures
  • fonts
  • stock photography/mock-ups
  • pre-made logos
  • web app/software

a rough guide to the price that you would sell them for.  When we go into detail about product creation, I will teach you how to price your products correctly. In the meantime, for guidance look back at the products that your competitors are selling and the price that they are selling them for.

Here is an example of a completed product funnel

I would recommend that you start off with one product for each section, keep it simple, to begin with. Each product needs to be researched and created which can take a lot of time.

You will start with your free, low and mid products when you launch and promote your blog. In the background, you will be creating High and Premium products which should be finished just as you have created a buzz ready to start selling.

Later when your more established and you can afford a team of staff to support you, you can introduce a lot more products for each level of your funnel creating multiple income streams.

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