What your blog is not!

What your blog is not!

This is an excellent opportunity to determine what you don’t want your blog to be known for. This is important to define from now while you are planning your blog.

An excellent way to figure this out is to look at other blogs whether or not they are in your niche and list all the things you don’t want for your blog.

For example, I didn’t want my blog

• to be all over the place, I wanted it structured and easy to navigate
• to have useless information for the sake of it
• over-selling
• to look childish
• to be incomplete

These are just a couple of examples. When researching your competitors look at what bugs you because of more than likely you are not the only one that feels this way, and it will give you a competitive edge and help to define your brand.

Useful Tip:

Sufficient Links

Make sure that you link to old posts when writing new blogs.  Keep your old content alive but don’t overkill them with links.  If you have noticed I add links to the bottom of these posts to help the reader know what I wrote before and after to maintain structure and order throughout my branding guide.

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